Personal Training

Personal Training is a tool that most people can benefit from and if used correctly, can help you achieve life-changing results.

My Personal Training experience is varied, and through the years I have been blessed with enough opportunities that I know where I can help a client the most... and on a selfish level, who I prefer to work with.

My approach is 360 degrees and will always incorporate a nutritional program and "outside homework" to compliment the hard work we do during our time together.

 I will only take on clients that:

- Need and want a lifestyle change
- Need specific training such as prenatal or have injuries
- Have a significant amount of weight to lose
- Need nutritional support
- Are dedicated to a full program... not just 60 minutes 3x week.
- Will commit and "trust the process"

Rates are for 55 minute sessions:

1 session: $95
10 sessions: $850

Contact me at to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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